Audio Unlock
This library originated from Touch Lua and scripts using it will only work correctly in Touch Lua.

Audio is a premium Touch Lua library. It was introduced in the 1.3.2 update for Touch Lua and costs $2.99 to unlock. The module is named "audio" in code.

Library functionsEdit

Function name Arguments Returns Description Origin
audio.playbg string file, boolean loop nil Plays background music. Touch Lua 1.3.2
audio.preloadbg string file loaded Preloads a music file for audio.playbg. Touch Lua 1.3.2
audio.setbgvolume number volume nil Description Touch Lua 1.3.2
audio.bgvolume None number volume Description Touch Lua 1.3.2
audio.pausepg None nil Pauses background music temporarily. Touch Lua 1.3.2
audio.stopbg None nil Pauses background music temporarily. Touch Lua 1.3.2
audio.bgpaused None boolean flag Checks if the background music is paused. Touch Lua 1.3.2

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