Lua Application Manager
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Creator Matthew Cenance (talk)
Description Use and automatically install applications.
Latest Version Pre-release version. Last updated on 18:16, February 6, 2015 (UTC).
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Lua Application Manager is a script application which can store and automatically install Lua applications.

How to install/updateEdit

To install this for the first time, you need to create an empty folder named "AALuaAppManager" (it is recommended that you put this in the root Documents folder) and create three files named JSON.lua, Install.lua, and InstallStub.lua.

After creating the folder and files, copy the script contents from each link below "Copy Source Below" to the respective files, then run Install.lua.

If done correctly then it should show a menu after a few seconds. After it is installed you should run main.lua everytime you want to run Lua Application Manager.

To update Lua Application Manager, copy the Install.lua and InstallStub.lua files like you were installing it for the first time. If it is already installed then you will see a prompt intended to prevent accidental loss of changes to the LAM. You should type "yes" to the prompt to confirm that you are updating the Lua Application Manager.

Copy Source BelowEdit


  • Allows you to easily create more applications that work with this manager by copying the Test App 2 folder.
  • Comes with a draw interface as shown above.
  • Can automatically install application stubs for you (stubs are Lua scripts which hold the code of a larger program but don't work until you install the stub programs)
  • Can also create stub applications for you.
  • Will add JSON and keyboard functions to the Application Support folder. This means that programs will automatically use the scripts in this folder instead of where they would normally be located.

Included ApplicationsEdit

  • A basic script editor. This is incomplete and will be updated.
  • A file browser. This can be used to browse the root directory of Touch Lua. It can also show images and play music and sounds.