In Lua, a script is a file that has code in it, and can be edited using the right software. Lua scripts usally have a filename that ends with ".lua", but can have any filename extension if needed.

Touch Lua is able to create, edit, and run scripts made in that application, and also run most Lua 5.2 scripts as well. Some Lua 5.2 scripts require additional libraries not included in the full Lua 5.2 package, so to run them, users have to obtain the additional Lua scripts for each library the main script requires.

Lua scripts included in Touch LuaEdit

  • Circle.lua

Draw ExamplesEdit

  • Accelerometer.lua
  • Bounce.lua
  • Clip.lua
  • Color.lua
  • Draw Tutorial 01.lua
  • FallingStars.lua
  • Gyro.lua
  • NumPad.lua
  • Paint.lua
  • Plot2D.lua
  • Plot3D.lua
  • Polar2D.lua
  • Stopwatch.lua
  • TextWave.lua

Image ExamplesEdit

  • Asteriod.lua
  • CreateImage.lua
  • DrawImage.lua
  • PlaceImage.lua
  • RotateImage.lua
  • Spaceship1.lua
  • Spaceship2.lua
  • TiledImage.lua
  • UfoAttack.lua

Turtle ExamplesEdit

  • Flower.lua
  • Spiral.lua
  • Text.lua
  • Turtle Tutorial 01.lua
  • Turtle Tutorial 02.lua
  • Turtle Tutorial 03.lua
  • Turtle Tutorial 04.lua
  • Turtle Tutorial 05.lua
  • Turtle Tutorial 06.lua
  • Turtle Tutorial 07.lua
  • Turtle Tutorial 08.lua
  • Turtle Tutorial 09.lua
  • Turtle Tutorial 10.lua